Padmaja Photo

Born in Kolkata, Padmaja Krishnan studied commerce at Kolkata University and fashion design at National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi.

Padmaja set up her studio with three ambitions: firstly, to observe and reflect in her designs the relationship between human behaviour and clothing; secondly, to integrate the work of traditionally skilled artisans with modern design practice; thirdly, to combine sustainability and social responsibility with humour and delight.

At her studio she creates “non-conformative, quirky and peaceful” clothing, accessories and handcrafted products. She has a couture-handwriting that is unique and beyond the superficially elegant. She is precocious, wicked, and yet, without any heaviness, very serious. 

In her design, tradition is deeply respected even as it’s brought into a close dance with the contemporary and the futuristic: a frayed hem left open refers simultaneously to the weaver’s loom in mid-shuttle, to grunge, to old Vreeland saying 'never explain, never apologize.'




2011 International festival of quilts, Birmingham, UK in August

An independent exhibit of Kaantha creations.


Zero-waste: fashion repatterned

A specially curated exhibition of international designers at the A + D gallery, Chicago, March 2011.


2010 Ecochic Asia, hong kong

The first dedicated fashion show that exclusively celebrated Asian designers' contributions towards improved environmental and/or social conditions within the fashion industry. 


2010 Transformation: Material . Magic . Memory 

Hong King Polytechnic University



An international biennale dedicated to design, architecture and contemporary culture.




Solo Kaantha exhibition


2009 International quilt festival at Yokohama, Japan

Independent gallery featuring 50 of her kaantha work. 


2008 IYFEY entrepreneur search

India finalist at the 2008 IYFEY entrepreneur search by British Council.


2007 London Design Festival

New World Design


2009 London fashion week


2007 International quilt festival, Birmingham

The Best Textile Creation - Grand Prixx