The hand on the loom is way more powerful than the machine. It is meditation, it is poetry, it is slow, it is sustainable, and it is an expression of the ingenious human mind. This collection that adapts its name from the famous weaver poet Kabir’s poems, hopes to restore our belief in the magic of the handloom.

Working closely with the weavers at WomenWeave for a whole year, the textiles for each garment have been sculpted on the handloom, much like an artists canvas. The idea is to use close gradations in texture and color almost like an accumulation of l ayers that react to each other, complement each other, and often share qualities with each other.

Made out of natural fibers, these are clothes that blur the borders between art and fashion, between doodles and threads, between luxury and everyday - they bring back the mystery and the quirk into clothing while still retaining a quiet elegance.

Model - Malavika Mohanan, Styling - Tabasheer Zutshi, Photography - Koushik Sarkar